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Young Girls Playing with Young Boys

January 8, 2010

I grew up in a community of boys.  I am the only girl in a brood of five and my next door cousins are a family of six children, five of them boys.  The only girl in the family came around too late to play with, though.  I was already 10 when she was born.

I remember when I was six years old, I used to play with a male cousin who is a year younger than I am.  We will lock the doors, play on the bed and wrestle with each other.  He on top of me, petting and cuddling and  it was enjoyable because I remember us doing it all the time.  Our parents didn’t know because we locked the bedroom doors.  They thought we were innocently playing ‘hah” with dolls and little trains.

I think young boys and girls do feel sexual excitement even when they are still toddlers.  Sexual excitement seems to be there from infancy.

I remember an autistic young boy who was a son of an aunt living in another town far away.  She is a doctor, but she can’t do anything about his son’s autism – especiallyas this was during the 70’s.  Whenever I went visiting, the boy who was then 4 or 5 would go rubbing his little peepee on my leg like a love sick puppy, to the embarassment of his Mom.  The little boy was always so “horny” at 5 years of age.

My cousin who I used to play intimate games with –  died of tuberculosis in his late 20’s.

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